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Skills Lab

skills lab

Skills Lab

CARS & MRE offer a range of practical skills lab sessions that provide hands on advice and guidance on key topics such as safe removal of lithium ion batteries, live vehicle depollution, packaging and more.

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Salvage Wire Skills Lab

Salvage wire are one of our partners with skills labs and workshops for CARS and MRE year on year, lead by Andy Latham, specialist in Motor Salvage and Automotive Recycling and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Andy has a desire to raise professionalism within the global Auto Recycling industry, support and develop talented people within the industry who will be able to improve and advance auto recycling across the world.

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Get involved in three sessions per day focusing on the following subjects:

  • F Gas (air conditioning)

  • Vehicle Depollution

  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The sessions will be 30 minutes long and will include:

  • Demonstration

  • Best Practice and benefits

  • Safety (people, equipment and buildings)

  • Return on investment

  • Next Steps

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