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Julian Tauterer

Julian Tauterer

Sales Engineer, REDWAVE

My name is Julian Tauterer I am 27 years old and I am working at REDWAVE for 10 years. I first started at REDWAVE in the engineering department as a holiday job during the summers in my schooltime and from there on I had the luck of working in different departments and grow in the company. I was able to gather experiences from project management, research and development to the back office in sales. Since last year I am now in the position of sales engineer in the metal sorting application. I am very glad that I had the chance of this job rotation to have a good overview over the processes in our company which is helping me a lot in my current job. As for my educational career I graduated a technical school with the focus of environmental engineering. After that I got my bachelor’s degree in industrial energy engineering at the Montanuniversity in Leoben, where I am currently doing the master degree next to my full time job.



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