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In 1949, two entrepreneurs pioneering in pollution control founded a company which later become Abanaki®.

Their innovative work played a significant role in harnessing new technologies to aid in pollution control for the manufacturing industry. Since then the company has never lost touch with its heritage of innovation, discovery and environmental stewardship.

Throughout the years, Abanaki® emerged as a world leader in oil skimming solutions, manufacturing oil skimmers and other pollution control equipment to help companies deal with their environmental responsibilities in the use of oils, greases, solvents and related hydrocarbons.

Our off-the-shelf oil and grease skimmers are available with removable rates up to 750 litres per hour and often allow oil and water to be recycled, thus avoiding contingent liabilities and costs associated with disposal.  Besides off-the-shelf products, we are able to supply custom-designed pollution control systems for a variety of applications.

We have a growing global customer base in industries as diverse as automotive, iron and steel, wasteproof, paper, food processing, environmental remediation and recycling.  With a guiding principle that has become a corporate motto, “Clean Our World” is the philosophy we have in mind when servicing our customers.

In 2008, Abanaki® purchased Aerodyne, a company that has been manufacturing dust collectors for over 60 years. With products ranging from large dust collection services, to low-cost, low-maintenance materials handling valves. This addition of Aerodyne gives Abanaki® yet another tool to “Clean Our World.”

As of 2014, Abanaki® joined the BVSF and became a strategic partner.  We look forward to a dynamic future, not only as a company, but for our most valued customers, many who have been with us since the very beginning. We appreciate their business, and look forward to serving new and existing customers as well.


Abanaki [UK] Ltd
Avondale Business Centre
Woodland Way, Kingswood
BS15 1AW
United Kingdom
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